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Typing course

Typing course

To be agreed upon
6 hours (per 30-minute session)
To be agreed upon
No. of students

CHF700 (6-hour package with registration fee included)

Useful information

General objectives

Know how to type blindly with all ten fingers at a steady pace, at a speed of 26 words per minute with excellent typing quality on a QWERTZ keyboard.


1. Adopt the right ergonomics

2. Learn the keys on the guide line

3. Learn the keys on the top line

4. Learn the keys on the bottom line

5. Activate the "Shift" key

6. Learn accented vowels, punctuation

7. Become familiar with the "dead" keys

8. Review all characters and punctuation marks (lower and upper case)

9. Layout simple letters

10. Laying out letters with images, objects

11. Laying out letters with bullets and numbered lists

12. Laying out letters with the use of decimal tabs

13. Laying out documents with table insertions

14. Layout of general meeting invitations

15. Layout of minutes

16. Layout of forms

17. Layout of order forms

18. Become familiar with the conventional signs for correction and then clean up

19. Clean up annotated texts

20. Improving speed from anagrams

21. Working on the right hand

22. Working on the left hand

23. Entering words with common letter groups (prefixes)

24. Entering words with common letter groups (suffixes)

25. Entering sentences with all characters

26. Entering texts at increasing speed

27. Layout dictated letters

28. Entering text for 10 minutes to determine speed

29. Layout a letter per kilometre (unformatted)

30. Clean up - format a dictated letter

2-part course

Level 1: Typing practice with step by step excercises

Level 2: Speed typing practice


6-hour package, including registration fee (CHF150), 6 hours of lessons = CHF700, registration with Typing Pal software and access to the school's computers upon request.

Business French

Business French

A1 (beginner), A2 (Pre-intermediate), B1 (intermediate)
No. of students
1 à 10 max

On request
On request

Payment by week CHF150

The registration fee is CHF50

Terms of payment :

Tuition and registration fees are payable in advance

The registration fee including the admin fee is CHF150 (payable once upon registration)

The includes the presentation of a certificate at the end of the course (according to the level), the preparation and sitting of a DEFL mock exam (June and January).

If necessary, a certificate of admission and/or eligibility can be delivered.

Possibility to get a Chèque annuel de formation worth CHF 500 from the State of Geneva.


Please note that this is a pre-registration and not a final registration!

Once your request has been sent, we will contact you to validate your registration.

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Student visa information

Visa and Student permit– list of documents

A visa application needs to be submitted from a Swiss representation in your country before coming to Geneva. 

List of the documentsto be provided: 

·     P, E and O forms, completed, dated and signed

·     Colorcopy of passport

·     Certificateof enrolment and certificate of admissibility in the school, mentioning the       study plan (including the weekly number of hours, thetimetable, the total length of       studies, the program and the topics)

·     Fully complete curriculum vitae as well as a motivation letter

·     Written commitment to leave Switzerland

·     Proof of financial means

·     Copy of the renting contract or written attestation from the accommodation provider

·     Internshipor paid employment in view 

Adress :

Office Cantonal de la Population et des Migrations (OCPM)
Service Etrangers
Case postale 2652
1211 Genève 2
+41 22 546 47 95

We will be happy to assist you with your administrative and residence formalities. When you register, we will issue you with a certificate that will allow you to take the necessary steps with...

l'Office Cantonale de la Population

Forms to download for your student visa application:

Form EForm O

Financial assistance

Possibility to get a Chèque Annuel de Formation worth CHF 500.- from the State of Geneva

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